Sharing engineering know how, policy and good practice

Identifying marine energy hotspots, prioritising island communities

Investigating the needs for energy generation and distribution

Encouraging business opportunities

Engaging with communities, helping them to see the need for renewable energy

The maritime regions of Cornwall and Finistère are in a great position to benefit from the expected growth in marine renewable energy. Their peninsula nature and exposure to the Atlantic Ocean provides significant wave, wind and tidal resources.

Cornwall, Isles of Scilly and Finistère with the Parc Naturel Marin d’Iroise have identified marine energy as a key priority for development, with anticipated economic, social and environmental benefits.

MERiFIC (Marine Energy in Far Peripheral and Island Communities) reflects this aspiration for a highly innovative green economy.

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Marine Renewable Energy and Cetaceans April 14, 2014

A key theme of MERiFIC Work Package 3′s focus on the environment is to transfer knowledge on best practice for… read more

Marine renewable energy developments in Cornwall and Finistère top of the agenda at European conference April 10, 2014

The latest exciting developments taking place in the marine renewable energy sector in both Cornwall and Finistère were top of… read more

Assessing seabed communities at FaBTest, UK March 14, 2014

Seabed communities play an important role in the functioning of marine ecosystems and can be greatly affected by the introduction… read more

Seals and MERiFIC February 25, 2014

MERiFIC funding has enabled the continued surveying and monitoring of grey seals in Cornwall and the Isles of the Scilly,… read more

Structural simulation of the MRE sector January 23, 2014

Newly-published research by University of Exeter funded by MERiFIC provides a model for MRE product development which can be used… read more

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MERiFIC Final Event, 23 – 24 June 2014 April 8, 2014

The closing event and the culmination of the MERiFIC project will take place in Brussels during European Sustainable Energy Week… read more

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